Institutional Membership Program

Help faculty members increase their publishing success! Sponsor faculty memberships through TAA's Institutional Membership Program. Paying a flat price ranging from $1,000 to $1,950, institutions have the opportunity to choose from the four options below.
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Option 1: Virtual Workshops 
Option 2: TAA Writing Gym Package
Option 3: TAA Month of Motivations Package
Option 4: Pick-Two Package 

Option 1: Virtual Workshops 

Hosting fee: $1,000
Includes 65 faculty memberships

Hosted on Zoom, these expert-led virtual workshops are interactive workshops that include open discussion with Q&A, how-to instruction, resource handouts, and more. The events range between 90 minutes and three hours. Click on the titles below for workshop descriptions, presenter bios, and more information on the workshop. 

Option 2: TAA Writing Gym Package

Hosting fee: $1,500
Includes 100 faculty memberships with access to one 6-week Writing Gym package
(Institutions can schedule their six-week Writing Gym to best accommodate their cohort.) 

Allow your faculty to flex their writing muscles in the TAA Writing Gym! This 6-week work-out-on-your-own gym time serves as your faculty's writing accountability partner as they work to achieve their writing goals. This 6-week program, which can be scheduled when you choose, includes:

  • Templates for tracking writing and developing a six-week workout plan
  • A TAA Writing Gym-branded writing journal
  • Weekly inspirational emails
  • Six on-demand writing classes
  • Several writing stations that allow faculty to target specific writing areas
  • A Facebook Group for networking with other gym members (not required)
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Option 3: TAA Month of Motivation Package

Hosting fee: $1,500
Includes 100 faculty memberships with access to one Month of Motivation session.
(Institutions select a specific session for the cohort. The first session starts February 1, with the theme "Love to Write". Future sessions will be held in April, July, September, and November.)

Help your faculty authors accomplish their academic writing goals by focusing on two areas of academic writing that many authors tend to struggle with - isolation and accountability – with TAA’s new Month of Motivation program. To combat the challenges associated with personal goal setting and accountability felt by many academic authors, we have developed a month-long motivational email series that begins with a personal pledge for faculty to meet their writing goals. Faculty simply share with us their goals, anticipated challenges, and what TAA can do to help them succeed, and we’ll help move them forward with daily email messages containing motivation, encouragement, and resources to advance their writing efforts all month long.

Participants will also receive a time tracking template, a writing journal, and the opportunity to participate in three 30-minute Virtual Writing Accountability Sessions each week. Learn more

Option 4: Pick-Two Package (Select any two of the above options.)

Hosting fee: $1,950
Includes 150 faculty memberships  

For more information about this program please contact [email protected]