Give the Gift of TAA Membership

We know you love TAA and value your membership. Maybe you've met collaborators, improved your writing, or were able to finally complete your manuscript and get published. Maybe you negotiated a better textbook contract or maybe you improved your productivity. Now it's time to spread that love and share the value of TAA with your colleagues.

You can give a TAA Gift Membership for 20% off the regular dues rates (Untenured Faculty or Textbook Author w/ Royalties under $5,000/yr: $40 - regularly $50; and Tenured Faculty or Textbook Author w/Royalties above $5,000/yr: $80 - regularly $100. Discount does not apply to Graduate Student rate: $25).

Gift Membership

Your recipient will receive all of the benefits of TAA membership, including:

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete an online Gift Membership Form.
  2. You will receive a gift code to give to your colleague that takes 100% off their dues.
  3. Your colleague completes a New Member Form at, enters your name in the
    "I was given a gift membership by ______." field, and the coupon code in the payment section.
Gift Membership