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Paul Krieger TAA President

"I love TAA! Over the years, my membership in the association has greatly benefited me. Before joining, I was totally green about the business end of publishing. TAA has introduced me to intellectual property attorneys who helped me negotiate my first book contract, which gave me protections and benefits most authors don’t have.

Moreover, at annual conferences, I have been able to network with textbook authors in other fields, academic authors, auditors, and publishing industry professionals. The resources and services available on the TAA website are phenomenal and have taught me about marketing my books, improving my writing, making my books more inclusive, and so much more!" - Paul Krieger, TAA President

I want to give a gift membership to a published or aspiring textbook or academic author I want to give a gift membership to a graduate student.

How It Works:

  • When you purchase a gift voucher, you receive an email containing a downloadable digital voucher (see sample below) that you can print and share or send to your gift recipient. It will contain a coupon code and a link to a webpage with instructions on how to redeem. 
  • Once redeemed, your recipient will receive a welcome email containing a username and password for accessing member resources, as well as a new member welcome packet by mail. We will notify you when your recipient has redeemed your voucher.

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