We Are Stronger Together - #TAAStrong

As a TAA member, you've met collaborators, improved your writing, negotiated a better contract or boosted your productivity. Invite your colleagues to strengthen their writing and publishing skills too by joining TAA's community of textbook and academic authors. Each new member strengthens the community experience by expanding its breadth of knowledge and creating more opportunities for networking and collaboration. Help us to be stronger together!

Here are some easy ways to share the value of TAA membership with your colleagues:

Membership Discounts

Give them a coupon code for $10 off an annual membership: TAA10

Membership Benefits

Know the benefits of membership. Review the list of member benefits and provide colleagues with a link to the Member Benefits page: http://www.TAAonline.net/member-benefits

Provide examples of how TAA membership has benefited you. Why did you join? Read other member testimonials. Send them an email. Download a sample recruitment email.

Marketing Materials

Share the TAA Membership brochure. Download the eBrochure

Share Online

Share the TAA Membership video. Click here to view the video. To share it, click on the share icon in the upper right of the video screen.

Spread the word on your social media sites.

Have the Courage to Write Badly Revise later

Click here to download more social media-ready images like these.

Sample Tweets:

Showcase your membership in the TAA Authoring Community with a TAA Member Digital Seal. Download

Make it Personal

Invite them to participate in an upcoming event. Contact Kim Pawlak at [email protected] to request access to a members-only webinar for your prospect(s). Click here for TAA's full calendar of events.

Schedule a viewing of one of TAA's live webinars at your institution:

  1. Select an upcoming webinar that would be of interest to your colleagues.
  2. Contact TAA to receive membership eBrochures and PDF copies of The Academic Author print newsletter.
  3. Invite colleagues to attend the webinar, participate in the live Q&A, and conduct a post-webinar discussion on the topic.
  4. Invite participants to join by directing them to the Join page (TAAonline.net/join). Share the coupon code TAA10 for $10 off their first year of membership.

Let us contact your colleagues for you

If you would rather we contact your colleague(s) for you, please email Membership Coordinator Bekky Murphy with their contact information and we will reach out on your behalf.