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What TAA members value:

"TAA provides a welcoming, inclusive platform for brand new novice writers as well as seasoned professional writers, removing many of the mysteries and myths, and providing high level tools and expertise."
Lydia Daniels, Senior Adjunct Professor Golden Gate University, President/CEO Daniels Management Consultation Services, Presenter, Global Servant Leadership Research Roundtable, Iceland, Sept 2016

"TAA has 'tons' of resources available for a VERY reasonable cost. The website is GREAT. The TAA members and staff have been very willing to provide workable suggestions to help me solve several issues that I've faced in my continuing efforts to publish my first book."
Bill (William) H. Koenecke, Ph.D.

"As a PhD student, the resources made available to improve my writing have made a big difference in getting several articles published in leading journals."
Bill Cleveland

"When we needed help determining our author rights when our publisher was bought by another company, the TAA lawyer met with us (for free) and helped clarify things that we had trouble with."
Rebecca Valette, Professor Emerita of French, Boston College

"TAA gives me a multi-dimensional perspective on textbook and academic publishing. By helping me understand what authors and publishers want and need, it empowers me to do a better job as a freelance editor."
Elsa Peterson

"The academic publishing world need not be cloaked in mystery."
Katie Van Heest, Tweed Editing

"I'm enjoying the resources and the community. Plus, I'm looking forward to the 2015 conference."
Meggin McIntosh, Author & Coach, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

"My favorite TAA benefit is the opportunity it provides me to connect with other writers from different disciplines. Through this exposure, I have realized the writing issues I encounter are not singular to me--or my discipline. I value discussing, with other writers, solutions to common writing issues."
Brittany Rosen, Assistant Professor, College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services, University of Cincinnati

"This is the most valuable group with which I have ever been involved!"
Frank Afflitto, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Criminology Author

"One of the things I appreciate about being a TAA member is the networking opportunities with other textbook authors. Being an author is a time-consuming and individual endeavor, so it's nice to communicate with other authors about authorship issues. In June [2014] I attended my first TAA conference, and I learned so many useful things I can employ in my writing! Plus the breakout sessions and social events were fantastic."
Al Trujillo, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Earth Sciences at Palomar College, and author or co-author of several textbooks, including Essentials of Oceanography

"Having a TAA Chapter at Texas A&M University helps our members feel connected to colleagues who are actively promoting the growth and success of academic writers!"
Patricia Goodson, Chapter Chair, Texas A&M University Chapter

"I love the annual conferences, the chance to learn from others and to network. TAA is a treasure trove of useful information!"
Joanne Cooper, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, Manoa, and coauthor of several books on the topics of writing, leadership and education

"TAA provides a like-minded community for people to share ideas, advice, and commiseration."
Steven Barkan, Professor of Sociology at the University of Maine, Vice President/President-elect of TAA, and the author of seven textbooks, including 2006 TAA Textbook Excellence Award winner Criminology: A Sociological Understanding (Prentice Hall) and 2012 TAA Textbook Excellence Award winner Sociology: Exploring and Changing the Social World (Flat World Knowledge)

"Having been a textbook and academic author for 12 years, I wish I had discovered TAA earlier in my writing career. Although I have been a member of TAA for only a few years, it is one of the few organization s to which I belong that I have received both immediate and continued benefit. Whether dealing with tax issues, copyright questions, royalties, contracts, or simply connecting with fellow authors, TAA is my go-to organization."
Mike Kennamer, Director of Workforce Development at Northeast Alabama Community College, TAA Council Secretary, and author of textbooks, workbooks, instructor resources, and academic articles for the healthcare field

"I have used the TAA model contract to improve my own contracts, and have been very impressed with the legal referrals I have had from TAA."
Pat McKeague, Owner of XYZ Textbooks and

"The resources on the TAA website have been incredible. I am truly grateful to have been introduced to this association."
Eric J. Schmieder, Professional Educator, Author & Presenter in Computer Technology

"The TAA newsletter and numerous other benefits are a rich resource for faculty struggling to keep up with the changing world of academic writing."
Dannelle D. Stevens, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University, author or coauthor of several books and numerous journal articles, and PSU Faculty-in-Residence for Academic Writing in the Office of Academic Innovation, where she has created the Jumpstart Academic Writing Program involving over 60 faculty practicing and publishing academic writing

"I am a TAA member because I feel that I am a member of a community consisting of tremendously talented and brilliant individuals."
Julia Lobur, coauthor of The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture

"TAA is the only professional organization that meets my needs as a textbook author. I feel fortunate to be a member!" Darla Ferris Miller, author of Positive Child Guidance

"I like meeting other textbook authors, vendors, etc. and learning about new sources and ideas that can benefit my books. Last year at the conference, for example, I met one colleague who will help us sell more books than we currently do." Patrice (Trish) Morin-Spatz, author of, cp "Teach" and coauthor of Body Works

"Authoring can be a lonely business and authors can share strategies through TAA. We are not alone!"
Laura Frost, Director of Whitaker Center for STEM Education, Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University, and author of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 2e

"For more than 25 years, TAA has made me feel such support, gave me access to such expertise, and surrounded me with colleagues going through what I was going through -- such a great asset." 
Robert Christopherson, Professor Emeritus of Geography, American River College, author of the leading physical geography texts in the US and Canada

I am a TAA member because...

We invite you to share how TAA membership has helped you boost your writing & publishing success. Email your testimonial along with your name, title, college/university/company (if applicable), and/or whether you are a textbook author and in what field, and/or your writing field, to Membership Coordinator Bekky Murphy at [email protected]

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