TAA's virtual conference kicks off on June 18!

How to Access the Conference: All conference registrants were emailed conference access information during the week of June 14. The subject line for that email was "TAA Conference: **IMPORTANT ATTENDEE INFORMATION ** Accessing the Conference". If you cannot locate that email, please contact [email protected] to resend the information. If you need to reach Maureen during the conference, please text 530-864-3538. 

The conference will kick off with a half day of programming on June 18, and presentations continuing June 21-24. Learn from industry experts, gain new perspectives, and get inspired for your writing projects! The conference will feature a variety of session formats as well as networking opportunities. Information will be forthcoming.

All presentations will be hosted on Zoom, with 30- and 50-minute session formats welcome. Our Zoom formatting will allow for audience voice and video participation, chat features, break out rooms, question and answer formats, panel presentations, and more.

New Conference Feature: TAA's How-To Video Library

This library features 5- to 10-minute how-to videos on topics relating to scholarly writing, time management, productivity, publishing, online presenting, and more. Many thanks to the video presenters who provided these valuable tips and strategies!

Videos available to conference registrants include:

Writing & Publishing

  • 8 Tips for a Productive Writing Sprint
  • Grant Writing Tips for State Grants 
  • How to Decipher the Creative Commons Licenses
  • How to Work Productively with Your Publisher: Investigate, Collaborate, Communicate
  • How to Write Daily
  • Ten Techniques for Writing Productively
  • Ten Tricks for Writing Productivity

Time Management & Productivity

  • How Kanban Flow Can Help Writers: How and Why to Use It!
  • How to Use OneNote to Construct a Literature Review
  • How to Use Styles to Build a Table of Contents and Document Framework
  • Manage Your References with Mendeley
  • Partnering with Librarians: Enhance Your Writing & Publishing Experience
  • Reconceptualizing Writing To Increase Productivity: A Cognitive Processing Model of Text Composing

Presenting & Marketing

  • Creating Your Oral Presentation – Tips
  • How to Create a Manageable Routine for Publishing Social Media Content
  • Polishing Your Virtual Persona: Easy Tips to Sound Better
  • Polishing Your Virtual Persona: Easy Tips to Look Better

Note: Out of an abundance of caution relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its continuing implications on travel and social distancing, TAA’s in-person Indianapolis conference has been pushed to June 2022.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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