Frequently Asked Questions About TAA Webinars

Do I need to be a TAA member to register for a webinar? Are webinars free for members?

Yes, the majority of webinars are members only and are free for members. If a webinar is open to non-members, or charges a fee, it will be indicated in the event description. 

I can't make the webinar at the scheduled time. Can I view the webinar at a later time?

Yes, unless the webinar is a live-only event (stated in event description) we will be recording the webinar and will post the recording and handouts as a Presentation on Demand afterwards. We'll send out an email to all registrants within one week after the webinar with a link to the recording and any handouts, if applicable.

What time is the webinar? What time zone is "ET"?

"ET" stands for Eastern Standard Time. This is the time zone on the East Coast of the United States. View this time zone map to determine when the webinar will take place in your time zone.

Control PanelHow do I log in to the webinar?

The link to the login page will be sent to you in a confirmation email once you register. We recommend that you login at least 15 minutes before the webinar, as you will need to download a file first. Depending on when a registration is received, registrants also receive two reminder emails, one a week before the webinar and one the day before the webinar, with the link to join the webinar.

  • Open the webinar confirmation email and click the Join Webinar link
  • If prompted, click Yes, Grant or Trust to accept the download
  • Join the audio portion of the webinar. Audio information is provided in the Audio pane of your Control Panel, in the webinar confirmation email, and in the email invitation.

Once you have joined the webinar, you will see the Attendee Control Panel and Grab Tab. The Control Panel contains panes that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the Plus icon or Minus icon on the left side of each page.

I registered, but did not receive a link to join the webinar.

If you did not receive the link to join the webinar, please contact Kim Pawlak at [email protected] or (507) 459-1363. You should also check your spam folder.

Do I need access to a phone line to listen to the webinar?

AudioAudio for the webinar will be streamed via your computer speakers. Make sure that your computer speakers are on and test your system to see if you can receive audio. You can also use a phone line. The phone number will be included in the confirmation email you will receive after registering.

Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?

No, as an attendee, you are automatically muted.

Will I be able to ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, you will have access to a control panel on your screen that will allow you to type in your questions anytime during the webinar. A Q&A session will take place during the last 15-20 minutes of the webinar at which time the moderator will read the questions to the presenter in the order each question was received.

The webinar isn't loading on my computer. What do I do?

For technical support, you will need to contact GoToWebinar Customer Support. GoToWebinar is our webinar provider and they will be able to assist you with any technical problems you may be having. The TAA office cannot assist you with any technical problems you may experience.

The webinar page is blocked on my computer. What do I do?

If the webinar page is blocked on your computer, you will need to talk to your IT department to have them give you access to the webinar. The TAA office cannot assist you with accessing the webinar if your computer is blocking the webinar website. 

For more on registering and participating in a TAA webinar using GoToWebinar, download the GoToWebinar Attendee Quick Reference Guide.