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Juggling Multiple Writing Projects…and Completing ALL of Them

Presenter: Christine Tulley, Professor of English and Founder and Director of the Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing, The University of Findlay

Because of the time it takes to get an article or a book published, productive academics typically work on more than one writing project at a time. The challenge many faculty face is how to keep track of all of the pieces of each writing project and make sure each is completed to a final submission stage. In this 30-minute webinar (short but packed with powerful advice to provide you with more time for writing!), Christine Tulley, author of How Writing Faculty Write and career advice columnist for Inside Higher Education, shares how to develop and use a multiple writing project tracking system that logs all stages of all of the projects and schedules writing time for each to aid in multiple writing project management.

Why Your Journal Articles Are Confusing, and How IMRaD Can Help

Presenter: Thomas Deetjen, Researcher, University of Texas, and author of Published

Do you struggle to describe your research in writing? Like your crisp research vision inevitably devolves into a disorganized, confusing journal article? Let’s discuss a tool that can help—one with which you’re already familiar, but likely not familiar enough: journal article structure. In this 30-minute webinar + 15 minutes for Q&A, Thomas Deetjen, author of Published, explores the value of the Introduction, Methods, Results & Discussion—or IMRaD—journal article structure. 

Effective Organization Strategies for Developing a Textbook Chapter

Presenter: Eric Schmieder, author/co-author of several computer technology textbooks

Thinking about writing a textbook can be much like planning to climb a mountain. A daunting task that may be overwhelming and require both endurance and strength before even getting started. But what if I told you that like most major projects or journeys, the effectiveness of the whole is really defined by the quality of the small parts that get put together?

In this session, Eric Schmieder, author/co-author of several computer technology textbooks, shares strategies for organizing your content at a chapter level in a way that defines your author style for content delivery. Adapted from content in TAA's Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide, Third Edition, Schmieder focuses on the organization of content into an effective table of contents through carefully crafted headings and then enhancing the sections with feature strands to engage the reader. 

Templates & Samples Resource Library Preview

Workflow Chart Template

This template was contributed by Kevin Patton, author of Anatomy & Physiology (9e), who uses it to track his workflow. Available in both landscape and portrait, each row is a chapter or section and columns track items such as chapter number/title, research, reviews, copyedited draft, etc.

Download in landscape format | Download in portrait format

Research Program Formula

This formula, contributed by Sonja K. Foss and William J. Waters, authors of Destination Dissertation: A Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation, can help you frame your research program or agenda in three simple steps.


Text-Structure Analysis (TSA) Example

This example of a Text-Structure Analysis (TSA) for three journal articles from College Teaching was contributed by Dannelle Stevens, Professor Emerita at Portland State University, and the co-author of fIve books, including Write more, publish more, stress less! For the last five years she has been the Portland State Faculty-in-Residence for Academic Writing where she initiated the highly successful Jumpstart Faculty Writing Program. The purpose of the template is to illuminate text structures, formats, patterns and detailed expectations of this particular journal by analyzing several recent journal articles or published books. A text-structure analysis focuses your attention on the text structures and patterns used across three recently published works. 


eBook Downloads Preview 

Writing Accountability: Productivity Through Partnership

TAA eBook Writing AccountabilityThis 17-page eBook contains helpful information for textbook and academic authors on how to be more productive through writing accountability, including:

  • How a Personal Writing Team Can Increase Your Productivity Through Accountability
  • How to Be an Effective Writing Accountability Partner
  • Writing Groups: When, Why, How, and Best Practices
  • Developing Healthy Collaborative Relationships: Why and How


Textbook Proposals: From Author Guidelines to Submission

Textbook Proposals eBook DownloadThis resource contains helpful information for textbook authors on how to form a relationship with a publisher, including how to build rapport, connect with acquisition editors and submit your project; and advice from textbook authors on how to evaluate the competition and whether or not it is okay to submit to multiple publishers. 

Check out TAA's compilation of Textbook Publishers' Author Guidelines



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As a TAA member, you would gain access to even more resources, including upcoming webinars, textbook contract review grants and publication grants, and discounts on professional services from academic coaches, editors, attorneys, indexers and more.

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