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Textbook & Academic Authors Association Announces 2022 Textbook Award Winners

Forty-five textbooks have been awarded 2022 Textbook Awards by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). 12 textbooks received William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Awards, 13 textbooks received Textbook Excellence Awards, and 20 textbooks received Most Promising New Textbook Awards.

The McGuffey Longevity Award recognizes textbooks and learning materials whose excellence has been demonstrated over time. The Textbook Excellence Award recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials. The Most Promising New Textbook Award recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials.

The awardees were recognized during an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 1pm ET. Watch the recording below.

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Testimonies in support of the awarded titles:

A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have: A Guide to Being a White Person or Understanding the White Persons in Your Life, 3e
Download book cover image

"A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have: A Guide to Being a White Person or Understanding the White Persons in Your Life is designed to help White people fully recognize and accept their racial identity, assume the proper responsibility for ending racism, and develop an understanding of how racism impacts their own racial group. The first edition was published in 1992, and the third edition still remains a timely and relevant text for students and instructors. This powerful text encourages positive racial adjustment and deeper levels of self-understanding. The book explores the meaning of race in society, the "color-blindness" movement, the problem of ignorance about Whiteness, the various phases of internalized racism, and other critical topics. Evocative and meaningful activities throughout the text foster reflection and increased levels of self-awareness and acceptance." 

Aging: Concepts and Controversies, 10e
Download book cover image

"In it's 27th year in print, Aging: Concepts and Controversies is still one of the leading resources instructors, students, and practitioners alike all turn to for the most contemporary and well-researched scholarship in the field of social gerontology and aging. Through seamless editing and original writing, Harry R. Moody and Jennifer S. Sasser make the information regarding concepts, controversies, research, and data not only digestible for each reader, but also engaging as this text serves as a wonderful basis for classroom discussion."

Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, 3e

Download book cover image

"Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 make up an outstanding series together, making the math content come alive, via a plethora of colorful pictures sprinkled in on each page, as well as short snapshots of individual National Geographic Explorers, whose research connects the math content introduced in each chapter. This series creates a consistent pathway for students as they journey through these courses. Students engage through the online learning environment which includes real world connections, enrichment, and remediation when necessary while teachers have the ability to evaluate understanding by tracking student success rate, error analysis, and ability to express their understanding through mathematical writing."

An EasyGuide to APA Style, 4e

Download book cover image

"An EasyGuide to APA Style is filled with great resources to make APA easier to navigate! It is a thoroughly well-written, accurate, and, perhaps more important, enjoyable book about subject matter that students often find uninteresting and onerous. While written primarily as an introduction for undergraduate students who are asked to write in APA style, their professors will find this guide easier to use than the American Psychological Associations’ style manual."

Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development, 2e

Download book cover image

"Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development is highly deserving of a Textbook Excellence Award. It tells the complete story of the drug discovery process in a way that makes the information highly accessible to chemistry graduate students, advanced undergraduates, chemistry professionals, and even patent attorneys. An excellent text that I will purchase and read myself as I believe it will make me a better teacher of medicinal chemistry."

Basic Statistics with R, 1e

Download book cover image

"Basic Statistics with R: Reaching Decisions with Data is an excellent statistics primer for undergraduate and graduate courses. Readers will appreciate the engaging writing style, conversational tone, and clearly presented tables and charts that aid instruction. It skillfully straddles teaching the scientific methods, statistical theory, and using The R Statistical Environment. This well-written textbook fills the gap between introductory level and advanced graduate level courses, a much needed resource for upper division undergraduate courses"

Brain and Behavior, 6e

Download book cover image

"Brain and Behavior was a pioneer in its field, uniting theory and research based approaches with applications for content in real life in its first edition. Over time Garrett has evolved and adapted to teaching and learning challenges, from its intentional use of language to its coverage on the evolution of neuroscience. This text remains purposefully in step with its teachers and learners today."

Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 13e

Download book cover image

"This title has provided General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry students with an excellent resource for learning the chemistry they need to succeed in their future courses and careers for 45 years. The text has been updated many times over the years (12 times to be exact as we are in the 13th edition!) and stands the test of time. These updates have kept the content relevant, inclusive, and digitally rich. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry remains number one in the market because of its superior content and pedagogy. Karen Timberlake's text is truly the best there is to offer in this course area."

Cognition, 1e

Download book cover image

"Cognition is one of the most compelling textbooks I have reviewed. It reminds me of an academic version of "The Mister Rogers Effect," I think students will enjoy zipping up a cozy cardigan and reading this compelling text! This new textbook does a great job of integrating real-world examples related to cognition, and it provides excellent links to other areas of psychology. It covers the core material any student should know about this subject in a clear engaging and modern way.  This textbook deserves to be widely used, to provide students with foundational knowledge unencumbered by either old biases or new fads."

Data Analytics Using Excel® Microsoft® 365: With Accounting and Finance Datasets, 3e

Download book cover image

"Data Analytics Using Excel® Microsoft® 365: With Accounting and Finance Datasets is the example for how a data analysis textbook should be written and presented. It successfully takes on the challenging task of introducing students to Excel and motivates them to continue learning more complex financial analytics. This book deserves to win the Textbook Excellence Award because of the easy to follow examples that engage students and build on one another resulting in the student effortlessly developing skills crucial in the business world."

Elementary Statistics, 14e

Download book cover image

"Elementary Statistics has been the #1 statistics book in the United States for the past 26 years. This book has been in print since 1980, and has been used by millions of students and  has been translated into several foreign languages. In 1998, this book was awarded a Texty by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association."

Empowering Public Speaking, 1e

Download book cover image

"Empowering Public Speaking is an engrossing text that manages to teach all the relevant concepts of public speaking, while keeping the students engaged in a critical thinking process of application. This book is well written and can comfortably be used in a Public Speaking teaching setting for many different diverse groups! The textbook is thoughtfully written, infusing a DEI lens to offer continuous and evolving education to public speaking best practices."

Essentials of Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-Based Approach, 3e

Download book cover image

"Essentials of Organizational Behavior blends traditional org theories with current workplace concerns. Great source for students at all levels, from undergraduate to graduate to community education."

Exploring Management, 7e

Download book cover image

"Exploring Management supports teaching and learning of core management concepts by presenting contemporary and foundational material in a straightforward, conversational style with a strong emphasis on application. With a focus on currency, high-interest examples and pedagogy that encourages critical thinking and personal reflection, it is the perfect balance between what students need to succeed and what instructors want as a flexible, powerful, and relevant pedagogical classroom solution. Over the last 15 years, Exploring Management has allowed instructors to situate core management scholarship within a contemporary architecture, retaining time-tested anchoring concepts ideas, while simultaneously reflecting current management realities."

Fitness for Life, 7e

Download book cover image

"A 20 + year longitudinal research project (Project Active Teen) has shown the long-term effectiveness of the Fitness for Life program (Dale, Corbin, & Cuddihy, 1998; Dale & Corbin, 2000; Kulinna, Corbin, & Yu, 2018). Physical education standards in many states have been updated to reflect the content and effectiveness of the text and accompanying program. These changes have resulted in a sustained movement within physical education to toward lifelong activity with the goal of achieving and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness."

Florida History Makers - Kindergarten Social Studies: Myself, My School, My Community, 1e

Download book cover image

"Florida History Makers - Kindergarten Social Studies: Myself, My School, My Community is an excellent supplement to help teachers with their lessons. The book features engaging cartoon-style pictures and does a wonderful job integrating neuroscience in lessons. This book is most deserving of an award."

Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes, 4e

Download book cover image

"Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes is well worth a read for those interested in sustainability and renewable energy. This text is very comprehensive and provides unbiased information for those interested in understanding the various forms of renewable energy. It should be required reading for anyone in the energy industry to better understand the costs and benefits of modern technology available to address both energy development and climate change issues."

Governing States and Localities, 8e 

Download book cover image

"Governing States and Localities is the only book in the state and local government market to combine top scholarship with the best journalistic writing to keep students engaged. The book employs an effective comparative approach to explain how state and localities are similar or different when it comes to their institutional structures, laws and regulations, culture and history, demographics, economy, and geography. The eighth edition covers the growing impact of political polarization at the state and local levels, the ramifications of Donald Trump's presidency, and COVID-19's impact on state-federal relations - having been in print for over fifteen years, the authors still heavily-revise each chapter to reflect the latest issues and trends."

Intercultural Communication, 3e

Download book cover image

"Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice is a relevant and responsible exploration of how cultural nuance impacts human progress and development. Students who use this textbook will gain knowledge and skills that increase cultural competence and awareness of exploitation and oppression in today's world. In this book, the author creatively explains how styles and beliefs of communication differ across cultures while emphasizing current events with its unique opportunities and challenges based on statistics and historical events."

Introduction to 21st Century Counseling: A Multicultural and Social Justice Approach, 1e

Download book cover image

"Introduction to 21st Century Counseling: A Multicultural and Social Justice Approach is a scholastic exploration of how today's sociopolitical realities impact the counseling profession and process. Readers will appreciate the engaging writing style, rich resources, and critical reflections to spark further conversation. This book offers counseling students and professional counselors a wealth of information about incorporating social justice and multicultural issues in the practice of counseling which is especially relevant today."

Introduction to Employment Law, 1e

Download book cover image

"Introduction to Employment Law is a clearly organized and well written textbook that demonstrates the author's strong knowledge of the underlying legal material and adept methods at explaining the content. It takes the best of textbook writing and puts it all in one book. The content is presented in an engaging manner that will make the most hesitant learner easily learn about the topic."

Introduction to Intersectional Qualitative Research, 1e

Download book cover image

"Introduction to Intersectional Qualitative Research is a deeply original work and a vital contribution to Qualitative Research! Think of this book as a one-stop-shop for qualitative inquiry with an intersectionality approach. It provides facts, then gives step-by-step examples to demonstrate clarity and understanding."

Kinn's The Medical Assistant, 14e

Download book cover image

"Kinn's The Medical Assistant: An Applied Learning Approach was the first comprehensive Medical Assisting textbook on the market and has set the stage and driven the expansion of the profession. Now in its 65th year of continuous publication, Kinn's has successfully educated and launched the careers of thousands of Medical Assisting educators and practitioners. Written by Medical Assistants for Medical Assistants, Kinn's The Medical Assistant is a one-stop resource to launching a successful career in the dynamic and faced-paced world of Medical Assisting."

Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism, 1e

Download book cover image

"Making Black Lives Matter is a compelling and outstanding study of race and racism in America. The book is one of the first to provide a space for multiple voices on this timely subject. This text is timely, thorough, concise, and provides an exigent explanation of U.S. society in the wake of George Floyd's murder and is an immensely important contemporary topic for students and everyone living in our racist culture."

Maryland: An American Adventure 1450-1790, 1e

Download book cover image

"Maryland: An American Adventure 1450-1790 is a thought-provoking textbook with culturally relevant material for today's elementary students. It is a book that will captivate you from the first page with its compelling stories and simple images. This book also includes thoughtful questions that help foster critical thinking skills, making it perfect for classroom use as well as home study."

Maryland: An American Adventure 1780 - Present, 1e

Download book cover image

"Maryland: An American Adventure 1780 - Present is a robust exploration of Maryland's rich social history across the last 240 years. Offering a unique perspective on the history of Maryland. Featuring easy to understand lessons and engaging, straightforward writing, this book is perfect for students to take a deep dive into informative content. The vivid illustrations and maps are winning features and strengths, while the helpful and well-constructed teacher's guide makes bringing these lessons to life in the classroom a breeze."

Mastering Human Resource Management, 1e

Download book cover image

"Mastering Human Resource Management is a wonderful entry-level text that provides students with the knowledge needed to know about the HR profession. The book bravely discusses many current HR quandaries, requiring that the students connect the theories and informational content to the real world work environment. It provides an engaging structure within which key ideas relating to the execution of HR were embedded."

Media/Society: Technology, Industries, Content, and Users, 7e

Download book cover image

"Media/Society: Technology, Industries, Content, and Users helps students understand the relationship between media and society and gets them to think critically about recent media developments. The Seventh Edition incorporates the latest scholarship and data that address enduring media topics, as well as new concerns raised by the role of digital platforms, the impact of misinformation online, and the role of media during the COVID-19 pandemic. The text has been the market leader in the media and society course market for the last decade and explores important issues of economics, social inequality and media representations of gender and race, and the globalization and future of media."

Modern Dental Assisting, 13e

Download book cover image

"Modern Dental Assisting was originally published in 1976 and was the first of its kind – the first major comprehensive text written by dental assistants, for dental assistants. Today, MDA is the market leader in the profession and has earned the reputation as the “bible” of Dental Assisting due to its cutting-edge content, depth and presentation, and trusted authorship. From Day 1 in the program through graduation and beyond, MDA provides students in Dental Assisting with a complete foundation in the basic and advanced clinical skills they must master to achieve competency and ultimately employment, presented in a style and at a level that instructors have come to trust and that has resonated with many thousands of students for 45 years. As the “modern” in the title indicates, the text will continue to evolve with each edition to successfully prepare Dental Assisting students for their careers."

Organic Chemistry: A Learner Centered Approach, 1e

Download book cover image

"Organic Chemistry, A Learner-Centered Approach by Richard J Mullins is exactly the textbook I wish existed when I was a college student fulfilling my pre-med requirements. The reading of a subject like organic chemistry can be less than stimulating, but the voice of the author comes through in the writing; it is as if he is speaking to the reader through his italicized text. Mullins embraced the different styles of adult learning brought by diverse students and incorporated varied perspectives on the material as well as embedded coaching to help master this challenging subject."

Organization Development: An Action Research Approach, 2e

Download book cover image

"Organization Development: An Action Research Approach is a clear, well-written textbook that offers a solid foundation to the field of Organization Development for those unfamiliar with the field. The book is highly effective in modeling OD principles of frequent assessment and feedback to allow the students to meet the overall objectives and to better understand the principles of OD practice."

Physics in the Arts, 3e

Download book cover image

"Physics in the Arts is the third edition of a textbook which makes physics intriguing and even fun. It is a great effort in connecting complex physics principles with procedures and activities of artists. As artists and artisans, we create and share the beautiful through light and sound. For those of us interested in the aesthetic side of life, this book shows how a physical understanding of light and sound can expand and deepen our appreciation of the world opened up by these media. Understanding the concepts and connections of the book make their professional lives more fulfilling and more efficient."

Precalculus with Limits, 5e

Download book cover image

"Precalculus with Limits deserves a Textbook Excellence Award for its engaging and encompassing presentation of precalculus topics.  This book seamlessly guides students from algebra concepts through trigonometry to an introduction of calculus while connecting students to applications of the topics and clearly stating objectives in a manner allowing for self assessment of understanding."

Principles of Economics, 4e

Download book cover image

"Principles of Economics deserves hands-down to win the Textbook Excellence Award. This textbook attempts to provide an integrated and coherent view of the totality of micro and macroeconomics for undergraduates and succeeds more completely than any text I have seen. Staying current, this learner engaging textbook makes the important and fun subject a truly joyful learning experience."

Social Welfare Policy in a Changing Society, 1e

Download book cover image

"Social Welfare in a Changing Society stands out from its competition as an excellent textbook which I predict will be widely adopted because it will convince social work students that policy is important, that they can understand it, and that they can use it to help their clients and make the world better. It's the first policy textbook I have ever wanted to read cover-to-cover. It is a relevant look at today's most pressing policies and programming challenges for American families. Readers will appreciate the engaging writing style, conversation starters, and prompts for further consideration."

SquidBooks Life Science, 1e

Download book cover image

"I really enjoyed going through the content and materials for SquidBooks Life ScienceThis interactive and engaging tool and much more than a textbook. It is a full platform for delivering content, encouraging interaction, and assessing knowledge. It's flexibility and diverse content makes it accessible to a diverse population. The intuitive way that it breaks the learning environment into Earth,Life, Physical, and Space science gives a composite, well developed view of the world and universe we live in for the students."

Technical Art History: A Journey Through Active Learning, 1e

Download book cover image

"Technical Art History makes the highly technical science of art authentication understandable, which is no mean feat, and hooks readers and holds their attention with a series of compelling stories. An innovative way of teaching the tools of forensic analysis of works of art by employing engaging fictional case studies. Unquestionably a novel—and successful—approach to what easily could be both a dry and intimidating subject."

The Kansas Journey, 3e

Download book cover image

"The Kansas Journey is an outstanding textbook for elementary students. Engaging writing, vibrant images, and thought-provoking questions guide readers through a literary journey across Kansas' history and geography. It's well organized and well-tied to standards. This textbook makes the reader want to go back to the 7th grade to learn all about the state of Kansas."

The Language of Medicine, 12e

Download book cover image

"This best-selling, easy-to-understand approach to learning the language of medicine presents medical terms within the context of the body's anatomy and physiology, and in health and disease. Practical exercises and case studies make learning more interesting and demonstrate how medical terms are used in practice. This is the medical terminology text that all the competitors wish they had!"

The Nebraska Adventure, 2e

Download book cover image

"The Nebraska Adventure offers an engaging look at Nebraska's diverse cultural history and development across the years. It is an engaging and one might even say charming text. The layout is a strong one which should keep the student's attention on the important facts and concepts. Elementary school students will develop critical and creative thinking skills while learning about this important state."

Thinking Like a Researcher: An Engaged Introduction to Communication Research Methods, 1e

Download book cover image

"Understanding why methods is important and how to select the right tool for the job is key to the success of a researcher's efforts.  Thinking Like a Researcher: An Engaged Introduction to Communication Research Methods does an outstanding job of helping students to under the why and the how of methods."

Trigonometry: A Right Triangle Approach, 1e

Download book cover image

"Ron Larson's Trigonometry: A Right Triangle Approach makes a seamless connection from a student's Geometry knowledge to the concepts of Trigonometry. This most promising new textbook provides absolutely everything that the aspiring student needs for successful mastery of trigonometry, including effective strategies for study. The text is written in clear and accessible language, with all new vocabulary and concepts thoroughly explained at first usage. The text is concise yet complete, with abundant worked examples with special attention paid to practical applications."

Understanding Racism: Theories of Oppression and Discrimination, 1e

Download book cover image

"Understanding Racism: Theories of Oppression and Discrimination is an important and timely text appropriate for a range of learners in high schools and introductory university courses. It takes on the gargantuan task of explaining the evolution of various theories on racism. This book is clearly written with a focus on pedagogy and provides good coverage of various theories about racism, which enables learners to comprehend how theories on racism have changed over time as well as challenges readers to consider how issues of color will shape future theoretical contributions."

Who Am I? Identity in the Age of Consumer DNA Testing, 1e

Download book cover image

"Who Am I? Identity in the Age of Consumer DNA Testing deserves to be awarded the Textbook Excellence Award for being able to link an age-old issue of identity with modern inventions. The book is thoughtful and engaging and is an amazing way to have students think about themselves and their identity and roles in everyday life. It is a very well organized and well written book that offers a step-by-step exploration of the benefits and pitfalls of consumer DNA testing as part of the search for one’s identity. A much needed exposé not only for students studying in a variety of disciplines but also for anyone who uses consumer DNA testing."

Women and Leadership: Journey Toward Equity, 1e

Download book cover image

"Women and Leadership: Journey Toward Equity is very deserving of the Textbook Excellence Award. It is written in a conversational tone that is engaging and makes the text approachable for readers. The unique features such as ‘Leader Profiles’, ‘Leadership in Practice’, and ‘Spotlight On’ features provide students an opportunity to reflect upon and apply the theory and principles of women in leadership. The authors have woven the theories and styles of leadership into a book that focuses on how these apply to those who identify as female."

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