Workshop | Leveraging Your Experience: Write More, Publish More, Stress Less

Dannelle StevensPresenter: Dannelle D. Stevens, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University

Faculty grapple with trying to squeeze writing and publishing into their already full calendars. Some lack knowledge of, or skills to identify the hidden structures of academic writing that are key to increasing publication acceptance rate. Others face the blank page not knowing where to begin. Most seek to improve in isolation.

This workshop is designed to give participants an opportunity to practice a powerful set of research-based strategies. You will use powerful tools to boost your productivity including text-structure analysis, templates for making an academic argument, and methods for creating small faculty writing groups that can improve your writing accountability as well as your journal article production.  

Also included with this workshop is a one-hour consultation with key faculty administrators focused on building a faculty writing community OR a one hour coaching session for workshop attendees.

Dannelle D. Stevens is a Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University. In her role as Faculty-in-Residence in the Office of Academic Innovation, she has created the Jump-start Academic Writing Program involving over 60 faculty practicing and publishing academic writing. She has written numerous articles and is the co-author of three books, all framed around different ways to assist faculty in their complex roles as scholars, authors, teachers, and community members, including Journal Keeping: How to Use Reflective Writing for Learning, Teaching, Professional Insight and Positive Change and Introduction to Rubrics, An Assessment Tool To Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback, and Promote Student Learning.

TAA can help your faculty move from writing to publication by sponsoring an expert-led workshop in textbook and academic writing at your institution. TAA's sponsorship covers the majority of the cost of bringing the presenter to your institution, including speaker fees and travel costs. The host institution is responsible for a fee of $1,950, which includes up to 125 TAA faculty memberships, available to faculty whether or not they attend the workshop. TAA provides an online institutional membership application process which makes joining TAA easy for both the institution and faculty. These workshops are offered on a first-come first-serve basis until program funding has been exhausted.

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