Why Your Journal Articles Are Confusing, and How IMRaD Can Help

Presenter: Thomas Deetjen, Researcher, University of Texas, and author of Published 

Thomas DeetjenPublishedDo you struggle to describe your research in writing? Like your crisp research vision inevitably devolves into a disorganized, confusing journal article? Let’s discuss a tool that can help—one with which you’re already familiar, but likely not familiar enough: journal article structure.

In this 30-minute webinar + 15 minutes of Q&A, Thomas Deetjen, author of Published, explores the value of the Introduction, Methods, Results & Discussion—or IMRaD—journal article structure. For each IMRaD section, we’ll discuss:

  • its nuance, purpose, and structure,
  • tips for using it to empower your writing, and
  • common writing mistakes to avoid.

The IMRaD structure is a powerful tool for translating your research into a succinct, clear, and interesting article that your audience will enjoy. 

Thomas Deetjen is a researcher at the University of Texas and an expert at getting academic things done. He enjoys breaking complex tasks into step-by-step processes and sharing those insights through writing. Thomas writes about academic productivity, graduate school challenges, and the research process in his book and on his website, www.ProductiveAcademic.com. His book, Published, teaches a seven-step process for completing your first peer-reviewed journal article.