TAA Council Member Roles and Responsibilities

TAA Council members provide the vision and leadership needed to fulfill the mission of TAA. They have fiduciary responsibility for the organization and both lead and support the staff.

Each member of the board commits to:

  • Be informed about the programs and activities of TAA and be able to accurately describe TAA’s mission, vision, goals, needs, and programs.
  • Be an advocate and ambassador for TAA with present and potential stakeholders and be especially aware of these responsibilities when participating as an organizational program or other activity.
  • Attend and actively participate in Council meetings and be prepared for each meeting by having read the materials distributed, before the meeting.
  • Read and understand the financial statements distributed, including the fundamental drivers of cash flow and financial position, and ask questions if I do not understand then.
  • Participate in a committee.
  • Abide by Conflict-of-Interest policies and procedures.
  • Listen and fully discuss issues in Council meetings, respecting the views of others, and abide by and publicly support Council decisions, whether or not I agree with them.
  • Refrain from speaking in an official capacity on behalf of TAA to third parties unless expressly authorized to do so.
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all non-public TAA information.

  • Respect the role of the president and staff: as a Council member refrain from giving directions to them and share concerns about any staff personnel issues only with the board chair or other designated trustee or committee.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, serve my full term as Council member. 

Council members can expect: 

  • An orientation, including background information and explanation of financial statements.
  • Council meetings which are well run and productive, with a focus on decision-making and not merely reporting, with agendas and materials distributed several days in advance.
  • Operational financial reports to be distributed in advance of the relevant Council meeting, with explanations.
  • A collegial and professional Council and staff.