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Order Guide to Making Time to Write: 100+ Time & Productivity Management Tips for Textbook and Academic Authors
Making time to write–and doing it productively–can be challenging. So, to help you succeed, we’ve collected 100+ successful tips and strategies–and a lot of inspiration–from authors who have made the time and made it work. In this Guide to Making Time to Write, you will find just what you need to boost your productivity, adjust your routine, and focus on your writing efforts once and for all. Isn’t it time for you to make the time to write?

Order Guide to Rights Clearance & Permissions in Scholarly, Educational, and Trade Publishing
Learn what you need to know to avoid and manage copyright infringement claims that arise from the publication of your book, article, or media project. In this book, intellectual property attorney Stephen E. Gillen covers the unique rights clearance and permission issues related to writing scholarly works. 

Order Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide
This updated and expanded third edition will empower you to undertake textbook development by guiding you through the nuts and bolts of the development process, and providing essential background information on the changing higher education publishing industry, as well as how to choose a publisher, write a textbook proposal, negotiate a publishing contract, and establish good author-publisher relations. 

Order Guide to Textbook Publishing Contracts
In this step-by-step guide by Stephen Gillen, a Partner at Wood Herron & Evans, you will learn the key provisions of a typical textbook contract and how to determine what's important to you so that you can enter into the contract negotiation process better informed. Get the "typical", "better" and "better still" options you can consider when making decisions about what to negotiate. 

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