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Guide to Rights Clearance and PermissionsGuide to Rights Clearance & Permissions in Scholarly, Educational, and Trade Publishing

By Stephen E. Gillen

Publisher: Textbook & Academic Authors Association, 2018
eBook - PDF | Pages: 220 | Edition: 1st  | ISBN:

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"Guide to Rights Clearance & Permissions is a must-read for every author. It contains essential information that will help authors steer safely through the sometimes treacherous waters of copyrights, fair use, permissions, and scholarly integrity. Mr. Gillen makes legal issues easy to understand, interesting, and at times downright fascinating. Even experienced authors who think they've 'seen it all' are likely to be surprised by some of the information that can be gleaned from this book." June Jamrich Parsons, Author, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts

"Gillen’s new book on rights clearance and permissions is a perfect—and perhaps required—addition to every author’s professional library. In Gillen’s usual style, he covers topics that are well beyond the expertise of most authors in a way that makes important principles easy to understand and implement. I have already used this handy guide to find clear and useful answers to some of my questions about trademarking book titles and finding copyright holders." – Kevin Patton, PhD, author of Anatomy & Physiology, 10e

"Whether you are an author wishing to minimize your liability in publishing a work, or a publishing professional with a permissions and licensing program of your own, you’ll find a wealth of good, practical advice in this book." – Barbara Price, PhD, textbook editor/publishing professional

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Avoid Costly Rights Clearance and Permissions Mistakes

Learn what you need to know to avoid and manage copyright infringement claims that arise from the publication of your book, article, or media project. In this book, intellectual property attorney Stephen E. Gillen covers the unique rights clearance and permission issues related to writing scholarly works:
  • Attributing text and ideas borrowed from others
  • Fair use
  • Dealing with authorship credit
  • Variations in rights-clearing strategies from field to field
  • The upside-down business model of open access journal writing
  • The non-exclusive rights reserved by some universities to the writings of their faculty
  • Whether self-publishing affects the potential to publish traditionally in the future
  • The variability in licensing models for open educational resources
You’ll also get practical pointers and guidelines, and more than a dozen templates you can use to request permissions and secure releases. Put 40 years of rights clearance and permissions experience on your bookshelf.

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About the Author

Stephen Gillen
Stephen E. Gillen
is a partner at Wood Herron & Evans, a 150-year-old Cincinnati law firm focused on intellectual property, where he focuses his practice on publishing, media and copyright matters. He worked for nearly 20 years in publishing before entering private practice in the middle 1990’s. He also teaches Electronic Media Law at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, and is the author of Guide to Textbook Publishing Contracts, and co-author of Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide, also published by TAA. Gillen is a long-time member of the TAA Council and a regular speaker at TAA conferences.

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