Writing for Publication

Kenneth HensonPresenter: Kenneth Henson, Author or Co-author of 300+ Publications and 50+ Books

This practical, hands-on workshop is designed to remove the fear that blocks writers. Get the nuts and bolts facts needed to succeed and enjoy writing for publication.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Find topics
  • Select appropriate journals
  • Develop an effective writing style
  • Organize articles
  • Write query and cover letters
  • Design and use questionnaires
  • Use journals as blueprints
  • Base articles on dissertations and theses
  • Avoid the errors that lead to rejection
  • Hear the advice of 40 editors
  • Increase your acceptance rate by 300 percent

This five- to six-hour workshop will give over 30 practical tips.

Here's what participants had to say about Henson's workshop:

"I am a seasoned author and did not expect to learn so much."

"I enjoyed this presentation and feel inspired to go write ... and get published."

"Strong and passionate delivery. I learned both what to do and not to do when writing for publication."

"Excellent. A fountain of information! I got real information that can be applied immediately. I was encouraged to get beyond my block and start writing."

Kenneth Henson, a Fulbright Scholar and a National Science Foundation Scholar, has written and co-authored more than 300 national publications. His 50-plus books include five books on writing for publication and two Phi Delta Kappa fastbacks (monographs) on this topic. His biennial survey results have appeared in every other June issue of the Phi Delta Kappan for over 25 years. Henson has given this workshop on some 300 college campuses from coast to coast.

To schedule a workshop, please contact Kenneth directly: (843) 705-6587 or [email protected]