Get a Month of Motivation Starting in November

Accomplish your academic writing goals by focusing on two areas of academic writing that many authors tend to struggle with - isolation and accountability – with an ongoing subscription to TAA’s Month of Motivation program.

Sign up for a Month of Motivation in November and every month after that for continued access to motivational resources and a network of writing accountability through live group sessions available multiple times per week.

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What You'll Receive:

  • Daily email messages containing motivation, encouragement, and resources to advance your writing efforts all month long.
  • The opportunity to participate in multiple 30-minute Virtual Writing Accountability Sessions each week. During these sessions, you’ll connect by video, share what you plan to work on during the session, write as a group for 30 minutes, and then share your next steps. 
  • A time tracking template to allow you to log your daily writing progress, review your weekly progress, and track your writing process over time.

Commit to your success, let TAA help you overcome the isolation and accountability issues textbook and academic authors often face, and get your writing projects done!

Here's what previous participants have said about their experience with the program: 

"After so many ups and downs over the past year, the Month of Motivation program helped me focus again on writing projects and establishing a consistent writing practice. Even though I am generally productive, I find the group writing sessions to be extremely helpful. I put the appointments on my calendar and did my best to show up. I noticed that my motivation increased after each session and I wanted to keep writing. I looked forward to the 3 times a week sessions. Great service, TAA!" 
Julie Combs

"Any writer that's serious about producing content should try one Month of Motivation. I produced more content on days that I attended group sessions, I felt motivated beyond group sessions and saw an increase in my writing productivity. I've already signed up for next month's Month of Motivation and you should too!" - Krystal Williams

Get a single Month of Motivation for $79. Subscribe for continuous access for only $59 per month.


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