Legacy Planning and Major Gifts

Every gift of any size to TAA is greatly appreciated. Major gifts and legacy contributions can make a substantial difference in our long-term planning, sustainability, and the breadth of our services. Since TAA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, you can also earn tax benefits with your gift. (Consult with your financial advisors to ensure the applicability of your gift to your particular circumstances).

Your gift helps secure TAA’s ability to carry on its work for generations to come.

  • Leave a lasting legacy that supports the work of textbook and academic authors.
  • Support TAA advocacy on behalf of authors, giving authors a more prominent voice with publishers and policymakers.
  • Join with TAA’s founders and past supporters to strengthen the writing profession and disseminate the highest standards for authoring and educational excellence.
  • Earn tax benefits on your current earnings or reduce taxes on your estate.

Major gifts can be made in a variety of ways, and can be one-time or recurring donations:

  • Cash contributions
  • Stock transfers
  • In your will, as a percentage of, or a specific dollar amount from, your estate
  • Through a trust, as part of your legacy planning
  • As a contribution of a portion of your ongoing royalties
  • Through a matching program with your employer
  • Corporate giving is also welcome

TAA will work with you to provide the documentation needed for your records, and to answer any questions you or your advisors may have.

To discuss making a gift, you can contact Kim Pawlak, TAA Executive Director, [email protected] or (507) 459-1363. 


I want to transfer stock to TAA. How will the value be determined for purposes of tax credits?

TAA will promptly sell any stock you transfer to our name, and provide you with a statement of the sales price. This establishes the reportable value of your donation.

Is it possible to give a donation for a designated purpose within TAA, and if so, how do I do that?

Yes, it is possible to designate funds for a particular use. In order to do that, contact Kim Pawlak, TAA Executive Director, [email protected] or (507) 459-1363. 

Can I set up a recurring gift and if so, how?

Yes. We do not have an automated system for recurring gifts, but we can process them manually. To establish a recurring gift, please contact Kim Pawlak, TAA Executive Director, at [email protected] or (507) 459-1363. We can handle frequencies of monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and we ask that each increment be no less than $250. You will sign an authorization form for us to charge a credit card. The form will state the frequency of charges, the amount of each increment, and, if you desire, a total gift maximum or a stop date.