How to Hook Your Audience

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021, 1-2 p.m. EST


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Presenter: Erica Machulak, PhD, Founder, Hikma Strategies

Erica MachulakIn the era of “fake news,” it is critical that research be translated and published as widely and accurately as possible. Among many journalists, however, academics are notorious for their caveats, sub-clauses, and unwillingness to tell a good story. Research experts often find it challenging to engage non-specialist audiences in ways that preserve the rigor and credibility of their work.

This one-hour webinar presented by Erica Machulak, PhD., founder of Hikma Strategies, will offer a framework and actionable strategies to write research narratives that inform and engage non-specialist audiences. It will focus specifically on how to develop a brief, effective research summary tailored for a target audience beyond your field who may or may not have a research background. We will explore how to create common ground, prioritize key points, preserve credibility, and invite curiosity. The principles discussed in this webinar can be applied to a wide range of genres such as op-eds, educational case studies, and summaries for funding proposals. Participants may wish to come with a research topic in mind and to workshop their topic in a notebook during the webinar.

Dr. Erica Machulak is the Founder of Hikma Strategies, an organization that helps people with unique expertise attract funding, build partnerships, and communicate complex ideas to new audiences. Through editorial consulting, writing, instructional design, and facilitation, she works with experts across fields to effect change through knowledge translation. Her work has been published by Inside Higher Ed, Intellect Ltd, the Yearbook of Langland Studies, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the University of Oxford (MSt.), and the University of Notre Dame (PhD).