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Efficiency with Style: Revising Your Manuscript at the Macro & Micro Levels

Presenter: Erin McTigue, President, The Positive Academic, Writing and Productivity Coach for Academics

Fast-writing and “allowing messy drafts” is often recommended as a productivity strategy for academics. But … how do we most efficiently transform the resulting messes into coherent and powerful prose? In this interactive workshop, participants will take a “messy draft” of their choice and try out 3 macro-level revision strategies to hone overall logic and organization of the manuscript. Next, participants, working at the micro-level, will apply 3 revision tools for coherence and writing style. Participants will leave with both a sequential approach and individual tools for transforming their future drafts with efficiency. For those who don’t bring their own messy drafts, two sample messy drafts will be provided to practice strategies and apply the tools learned. 

Presenter: After being a traditional academic for over ten years at Texas A&M University, Erin McTigue started her own business, The Positive Academicthrough which she mentors and coaches academics in writing and productivity, as well as runs workshops for faculty and graduate students. While at Texas A&M, she co-directed a university-wide writing support program and developed an academic writing course for international students. To keep up her craft, in the role of research scientist, Erin continues to write grants and articles with her colleagues at the National Reading Research Center of Norway at the University of Stavanger. In addition, in 2020 she was invited to be an Internal Productivity Coach at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford, as well as at the Center for Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence, UC Berkeley. Erin is widely published, has won teaching and mentoring awards, and continually aims to bring a lightness of spirit to the heaviness of academia. 

TAA can help your faculty move from writing to publication by sponsoring an expert-led workshop in textbook and academic writing at your institution. TAA's sponsorship covers the majority of the cost of bringing the presenter to your institution, including speaker fees and travel costs. The host institution is responsible for a fee of $1,950, which includes up to 125 TAA faculty memberships, available to faculty whether or not they attend the workshop. TAA provides an online institutional membership application process which makes joining TAA easy for both the institution and faculty. These workshops are offered on a first-come first-serve basis until program funding has been exhausted.

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