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Conference registrants enjoy multiple opportunities to network during the TAA Conference. Make new connections, get great advice, catch up with friends! The 2023 conference will be held in person after 3 years of online-only meetings. We will feature:

* Planned network activities to help you break the ice, connect with new colleagues, and share your stories and challenges

* Unscheduled time when you can simply catch up with old friends and start a conversation on a topic of interest to you

* Mentoring opportunities - you can share your expertise or tap into someone else's, depending on your career stage.

Registration will open in December, and mentor scheduling will be available in the months before the Conference. But you do have to be registered for the Conference to schedule a mentoring session or take part in the networking events. Keep checking this site for updates and opportunities to register for the meeting and schedule mentoring appointments.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the 2022 Mentoring and Networking opportunities to whet your appetite for San Diego in 2023!

2022 Mentor Program - a look back!

John Bond, Founder and President, Riverwinds Consulting

Mentor Topic: Creating a Book Proposal and Query Letter; Marketing and promoting your book; Writing a journal article 

John BondJohn Bond has worked in scholarly publishing for 30 years. He served as chief content officer for a major scholarly publisher. He now heads up Riverwinds Consulting and advises on book and journal related topics with authors and organizations about strategies for creating and disseminating quality content. For more information, see RiverwindsConsulting.com and YouTube.com/JohnBond/.  


Steve Gillen, Partner, Wood Herron & Evans LLP

Mentor Topics: Copyright & Permissions; Contract Negotiation; Royalty Calculation/Audits; Reclaiming Copyright 

Stephen GillenSteve Gillen teaches Electronic Media Law at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Steve worked for nearly 20 years in publishing prior to entering private practice in the middle 1990’s. He is presently a partner at Wood, Herron & Evans (a 145-year-old Cincinnati law firm focused on intellectual property) where he concentrates his practice on publishing, media, and copyright matters. Steve is a long-time member of the TAA Council and a regular speaker at TAA conferences. He is also the author of Guide to Textbook Publishing Contracts and coauthor of Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide

Tracey S. Hodges, Assistant Professor and Director of the UA Writing Project at the University of Alabama

Mentor Topics: Overcoming Writer's Block; Enhancing Productivity; Time or Project Management; Communicating and delegating to/with collaborators; Providing feedback to authors; Writing with joy

Tracey S. HodgesDr. Tracey S. Hodges, is an Assistant Professor and Director of the UA Writing Project at the University of Alabama as well as the Owner of The Empowering Advocate LLC. Dr. Hodges researches writing instruction, youth literature, and instrument development in literacy education. She also provides mentorship and coaching on academic writing, productivity, time management, and best practices for collaboration. She is the editor of two research handbooks and more than 50 scholarly articles.


Paul Krieger, Professor Emeritus, Grand Rapids Community College

Mentor Topics: Pitching your book proposal to a publisher; Choosing a publisher; Marketing your book

Paul KriegerPaul A. Krieger is an award-winning teacher and the creator, author, and illustrator of Morton Publishing's Visual Analogy Guide series. Due to the success of his first book on human anatomy in 2004, this unique book concept quickly evolved into a four-book series. He is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy & Physiology at Grand Rapids Community College and also works as a scientific illustrator. 


Felicia Mensah, Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

Mentor Topic: Overcoming Writer's Block; Enhancing Productivity; Teaching in an Online Environment Tips

Felicia MensahFelicia Mensah is an Associate Dean and faculty member in the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Teachers College Columbia University. Her research addresses diversity and equity in science education. She advises and mentors students and faculty across the college and other institutions. Felicia has sponsored more than 35 doctoral student dissertations and has served on more than 90 dissertation committees, including international. Through Sister of the Academy Institute, she has been a member of TAA for 12 years.

Juli Saitz, Partner, HKA

Mentor Topics: Royalty Disputes; Royalty Audits

Juli SaitzJuli Saitz, Partner, HKA, is a CPA, royalty auditor and has extensive experience serving clients including several textbook authors as well as multi-national corporation licensors. Her work in this area includes developing and implementing royalty compliance programs and performing audits of licensees around the world. Juli has helped authors and corporate clients recover millions of dollars in asserting their audit rights related to licensed copyrights, trademarks and patents. She is focused on the shift in the publishing industry to electronic content delivery methods and adaptive learning platforms. In addition, Juli has served as a damages expert in matters involving royalty disputes in the publishing industry.

Dannelle D. Stevens, Professor Emerita, Portland State University, Oregon

Mentor Topics: Overcoming Writer's Block; Enhancing Productivity; Tapping Creativity for Academic Writing; Finding Time to Write

Dannelle Stevens

Dannelle D. Stevens, Professor Emerita at Portland State University, is the author or co-author of five books and numerous journal articles. For the last five years she has been the Portland State Faculty-in-Residence for Academic Writing where she initiated the highly successful Jumpstart Faculty Writing Program. Her fifth book, Write more, publish more, stress less! Five key principles for creative and scholarly writing was released in 2018.


Brenda Ulrich, Partner, Archstone Law Group PC

Mentor Topics: Copyright & Permissions; Contract Negotiation; Royalty Disputes; Other Contract questions 

Brenda UlrichBrenda Ulrich is an intellectual property attorney who focuses on publishing, higher education, copyright and trademark law. Brenda represents authors negotiating and interpreting publishing agreements, agency agreements, and joint author agreements.  She also advises colleges and universities on the development and implementation of intellectual property policies, navigating copyright questions related to teaching and scholarship, as well as managing and defending college and university trademark portfolios.  

Networking Events and Free Visiting Schedule - a look back at 2022!

Monday, June 20



Noon - 12:55 pm EASTERN TIME -- Open Discussion on DEI with Committee

Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bringing DEI awareness and practice into your life and work

2 - 2:15 pm EASTERN TIME -- 15-minute networking event

Eric Schmieder

Get to Know...

2:45 - 3 pm EASTERN TIME -- 15-minute Free Visiting

No host Unprogrammed breakout rooms; visit with colleagues and sponsors
4 - 4:30 pm EASTERN TIME -- 30-minute networking event Kevin Patton Get to Know...

Tuesday, June 21



1:30 - 1:45 pm EASTERN TIME -- 15-minute networking event Mike Spinella  My latest challenge...
2:15 - 2:30 pm EASTERN TIME -- 15-minute Free Visiting No host Unprogrammed breakout rooms; visit with colleagues and sponsors
3:30 - 4 pm EASTERN TIME -- 30-minute networking event Shawn Nordell My latest challenge...Solution!

Wednesday, June 22



1 - 1:30 pm EASTERN TIME -- 30-minute networking event Paul Krieger Takeaways...
2:30 - 2:45 pm EASTERN TIME --  15-minute Free Visiting No host Unprogrammed breakout rooms; visit with colleagues and sponsors
3:45 - 4 pm EASTERN TIME -- Raffle and Closing Kevin Patton, Mike Spinella, & Eric Schmieder Takeaways!


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Here's what conference participants had to say about TAA's recent conferences: 

I cannot begin to express how much I LOVE this conference.  I appreciate the fact that EVERYONE is approachable.  Everyone is willing to share their successes and their lessons learned. I always leave invigorated.”  ~ Tracy Spies, Assistant Professor, UNLV

“I was especially pleased that sessions addressed the full range of the academic career, from graduate student to retirement writing.” ~ Richard Hull, Professor Emeritus, SUNY at Buffalo

“I highly recommend this conference to current and future writers. Overall, a wealth of information was delivered in a vivid captivating manner. I have recommended this conference to my colleagues for 2017.” ~ Freida Pemberton, Molloy College

“The conference was absolutely one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I am thrilled I could have such an amazing opportunity in my academic career.”  ~ Amy Clark, Texas Woman’s University


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