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Textbook & Academic Authors Association Announces 2017 Textbook Award Winners

Twenty-three textbooks have been awarded 2017 Textbook Awards by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). Six textbooks received William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Awards, 10 textbooks received Textbook Excellence Awards, and seven textbooks received Most Promising New Textbook Awards.

The Textbook Excellence Award recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials. The McGuffey Longevity Award recognizes textbooks and learning materials whose excellence has been demonstrated over time. The Most Promising New Textbook Award recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials.

The 2017 Textbook Awards were presented at an Awards Ceremony held at TAA's 30th Annual Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference in Providence, RI, Friday, June 9, 2017 at 4:45 p.m. at the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel.

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Nominations for the 2018 Textbook Awards are open September 1 to November 1, 2017. Learn more.

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Here's what judges had to say:

Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, 7th ed.
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“Saladin's Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function should win the McGuffey Longevity Award. The writing and pedagogy are top-notch, and the author does everything possible to help students learn the content.”

AP Calculus, 1st ed.
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“This marvelous textbook is in invitation to success in AP Calculus. It is written directly to the reader and is full of advice, examples and details needed for deep understanding and application in an often feared topic.”

Big Ideas Math: Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III, 1st ed.
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“This is a most delightful series of textbooks for both students and teachers. The series is well-written, well-organized, and will be a pleasure to use to prepare students for further success in more advanced mathematics.”

Calculus, 11th ed.
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Calculus 11e is an excellent presentation of the topics of calculus such that it deserves to receive the McGuffey Longevity Award. Ten previous successful editions confirm this endorsement.”

Calculus: An Applied Approach, 10th ed.
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Calculus An Applied Approach is an excellent presentation of calculus. Its many excellent features make it very desiring of the McGuffey Longevity Award.”

Carboranes, 3rd ed.
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"Carboranes is a comprehensive reference book that belongs on the shelf of all inorganic chemists."

Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice and Culture, 4th ed.
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"Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture is an excellent representation of the current field of clinical psychology, including a global emphasis that is so important to today's students. The coverage of controversies and history in the field are presented unbiased, allowing the reader to take away his or her own opinions of multi-faceted issues. The boxed features are exceptionally instructive and interesting.”

Contemporary Behavior Therapy, 6th ed.
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Contemporary Behavior Therapy by Michael Spiegler is a comprehensive, well-written, scholarly, engaging textbook that provides the definitive overview of the dynamic field of behavior therapy.”

Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies, 2nd ed.
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“The reader gets a ‘soup-to-nuts’ explanation of the entire process of writing a grant proposal for a public agency. There is a focus on the government agency to be intentional, transparent, equitable, ethical and helpful to all who apply for grants or contracts, which I very much appreciated. I believe both government or contracting agencies and contractors or receivers of the contract would benefit by reading William Sims Curry's textbook.”

Customer Service Skills for Success, 6th ed.
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Customer Service: Skills for Success is an engaging textbook overflowing with diverse pedagogical tools to help learners understand and apply the key concepts.”

Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals, 1st ed.
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"Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals warrants the top contender spot in the winners’ category for the coveted 2017 Most Promising New Textbook Award. Dr. Karen Hardy does an excellent job in taking very technical aspects of ERM and provides guidance and real-world advice on key elements that make a successful ERM program. The student or Federal employee at all levels will gain resourceful knowledge and learn practical skills as they relate to ERM."

Essentials of Oceanography, 12th ed.
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"As you read, the book welcomes you, speaks to you. Each chapter begins with a list of Essential Learning Concepts and then ends with Essential Concepts Review organized around the opening objectives. There is attention to effective learning and critical thinking throughout. The wide one-column page layout allows for many visuals, photos, arts, schematics, features throughout in the wide margin space. The smart layout, attention to detail, and topic coverage, all indicate a mature, fully realized oceanography text!"

Exploring Engineering: An Introduction to Engineering and Design, 4th ed.
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“Comprehensive overviews of the various engineering disciplines and great explanations of what engineering is all about and what engineers do. Loved reading this book!”

Green Design and Manufacturing for Sustainability, 1st ed.
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"Green Design and Manufacturing for Sustainability provides an innovative and important link between sustainability theory and relevant design practice. This book is the first of its kind and should revolutionize the engineering design curriculum. The detailed examples will help provide students (and instructors) with the resources to be success engineers of 2020.”

Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation, 1st ed.
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Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation is an impressive textbook that uniquely uses simulation methods to introduce business students to decision-making under uncertainty, and from beginning to end, wonderfully-detailed, illustrative examples make this complex topic accessible to undergraduates.”

Introduction to Statistical Investigations, 1st ed.
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“The book uses explorations that are a detailed step-by-step procedure using the six-step statistical investigation method. This is truly unique and is the strongest feature of the text. The chapter overviews certainly give the student a vivid idea of what will be presented and its possible uses. The chapter summaries are also useful. I believe that the authors should be highly commended for producing a text following this approach.”

Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, 3rd ed.
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"Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy includes the most insightful questions of any workbook I have ever seen; they review, at the most basic level, techniques for reading graphs, making sense of illustrations, or reading the data in tables and then ask concept questions that can then be more readily answered. The excellent choice of questions, which both teach concepts and test student understanding, makes this unique workbook worthy of consideration for the McGuffey Longevity Award.”

Lifespan Development: Lives in Context, 1st ed.
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Lifespan Development by Tara Kuther is a thorough, detailed, scholarly text with a very contemporary slant and high-quality pedagogy. It presents cutting edge science in developmental psychology. The themes are current and central to the field, the references provide a solid foundation for the instructor, and the pedagogical tools provide a great scaffold for the student.”

Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, 4th ed.
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"Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving is an excellent resource for any engineer or scientist that wants to learn MATLAB. This textbook gradually and clearly introduces the student to many important and useful aspects of MATLAB that are often left for more advanced textbooks.”

McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, 8th ed.
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McCurnin's Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians continues to provide the veterinary technician profession with an important, up-to-date textbook full of relevant information not only for today's veterinary technician student, but for the practicing veterinary technician.”

Precalculus Series, 10th ed.
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“At the intersection of thoughtful pedagogy, bountiful nuanced content, and robust online support sits the Larson Precalculus Series. These texts show the refinement born of carefully developed multiple editions and are sure to help students succeed in their current classes as well as provide both solid skills and a big-picture perspective as students move to follow-on courses.”

Social Media Marketing, 2nd ed.
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Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users.”

Turbulence, 1st ed.
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“Compared to other books in this subject, I find this one to be very up-to-date and effective at explaining this complicated subject. I certainly would highly recommend it as a text for students and practicing professionals who wish to expand their understanding of modern fluid mechanics.”

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