Workshop | Textbook Writing 101

Presenter: Michael D. Spiegler, Professor of Psychology, Providence College

Learn the nuts-and-bolts of writing a textbook with this half day workshop that can be customized to meet the participants’ needs. The workshops are designed both for professors who want to learn about writing a first textbook and for textbook authors who want to learn how to write their next textbook or revision more efficiently and effectively. 

Topics may include:

  • Reasons for writing a textbook
  • Professional and personal prerequisites
  • Writing a textbook proposal and contacting publishers
  • Negotiating a favorable contract
  • Writing and revising a textbook
  • Working with coauthors
  • Textbook writing as teaching: translating classroom teaching into textbook pedagogy
  • How to deal with publishers
  • Alternatives to traditional publishing
  • Survival skills for textbook authors

What previous participants have said about Spiegler's workshop:

"My first experience, but this was an exceptional workshop. It surpassed my expectations. Dr. Spiegler was absolutely outstanding. Thanks."

"The workshop was very enlightening. A tremendous value."

"Excellent, well-prepared, experienced presenter."

"What I liked best was the extent and quality of the material, reality-based and very useful."

 Michael D. Spiegler is a Professor of Psychology at Providence College. He has been a successful textbook and academic author for 40 years with several leading psychology textbooks, including Contemporary Behavior Therapy (5th ed.) and Personality: Strategies and Issues (8th ed.). He has presented numerous workshops on textbook writing at universities, professional conventions, and at the annual TAA conference. He also teaches 2 and 3 day intensive courses on textbook writing. Michael regularly reviews manuscripts for textbook publishers and serves as a consultant/mentor to college textbook authors in diverse disciplines. He is currently writing a comprehensive Handbook for College Textbook Writing.

To schedule this workshop contact Michael Spiegler directly: (401) 865-2618 or

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