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Most Recent Podcasts

Jeffrey BeallMillions of Articles, Thousands of Journals: How an Individual Scholarly Author Can Thrive in Today's Scholarly Publishing Ecosystem

Presenter: Jeffrey Beall

The changing scholarly publishing ecosystem provides new opportunities, and some perils, for scholarly authors. This session addresses how authors can better expose, promote, and share their research to reach a larger audience and achieve greater impact. Focusing on scholarly journals, it will update you on some of the problems associated with predatory publishing, such as research misconduct and the publication of pseudo-science. It will also help authors select publishers that provide greater added value to their work, such as basic copyediting and digital curation. Learn more

Effect of Bankruptcies on Authors

Michael SpieglerKaren MorrisSteve GillenPresenters: (L to R) Stephen Gillen, Karen Morris, Michael Spiegler

Cengage, one of the largest textbook publishers in the United States, is in bankruptcy. This has impacted authors in a variety of ways – law royalties; nonpayment of royalties; underpayment of royalties; discontinuance of books; etc. This panel includes authors who write or wrote for Cengage, and an attorney with knowledge of bankruptcy law. They relay their experiences and offer advice to minimize the negative consequences of publishers’ business downturns, which will be germane to all authors. Learn more

Amanda Barbara

How to Raise Funds for Your Book Idea with Crowdfunding

Presenter: Amanda Barbara

Learn the concept of reward-based crowdfunding for authors and step-by-step instructions on how to run a successful campaign – from pre-campaign planning, to creating enticing and realistic reward levels, to maintaining momentum throughout your campaign. Walk away with the information, tools and guidance to initiate a crowdfunding campaign and the means to make your campaign successful. Learn more

Keith OgorekThe Four Paths to Publishing

Presenter: Keith Ogorek

Recently, publishing has undergone an indie revolution similar to what occurred in the film and music industries. While these changes have made now the best time in history to be an author, they have also made it one of the most confusing. This session outlines four clear paths authors can now follow to reach their publishing goals; addressing each path’s advantages and disadvantages and what authors should consider as they look to publish. Learn more

June Jamrich  ParsonsThe Digital Book Report 2014

Presenter: June Jamrich Parsons

How does the move to digital affect us as authors? Get a top-level look at the latest developments in digital textbooks with a focus on ebook technologies and the various epub, Web-based, and e-learning platforms. Whether you are thinking of experimenting with self-publishing, or your books are being converted into your publisher’s digital format, the information in this session will help you navigate the emerging digital environment. Learn more

Dannelle D. StevensBingo! It’s a Match! Selecting an Academic Journal for Publication

Presenter: Dannelle Stevens

With online databases, the availability of articles in academic journal articles is staggering. From this vast array of journals, selecting the most appropriate journal for your work is staggering as well. Yet, there are some very successful strategies that can help you narrow your choices and begin to ensure that your work gets published. This workshop is designed to help you practice selection and submission strategies on the path to successful academic writing publication. Learn more

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